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Wrong Decision

There was a choice….and I think I made the wrong one. We had very little time, and really only two familiar destinations that made sense – the reservoir, or the forest. The forest was closer, involved no motorway driving, and we hadn’t been there for a few weeks – on the other hand, the reservoir… Continue Reading →

Sunset Success

After the events of our last trip to the coast, where I feel I missed an opportunity to take some great photos – I was keen to get some good new photographs under my belt. The forecast was good for some sunset photography, so we set off for the reservoir with the aim of doing… Continue Reading →

Fresh Air Required

After days of hot weather, where temperatures were over 30 degrees inside our home, day and night, we decided to take an impromptu trip to the coast in the evening to try and cool off. The weather was forecast to be clear and bright, with a slight sea breeze, which would still be better than… Continue Reading →

Coastal Contrast

We spent the weekend at two very opposite and contrasting coastlines. The weather couldn’t have been more different with strong wind and drizzle on Saturday, followed by blistering heat and calm on Sunday. Saturday was spent in the north of the county, in my old home town. For part of the day we walked along… Continue Reading →

Supporting JB – BTCC Thruxton

Something very different this week for us, and something to test my fledgling photography skills to the limits!! I have a couple of friends who race cars in various racing series, and for this trip, we would be supporting my friend Jack Bartholomew. Jack now races in the Porsche Cayman Islands Sprint Championship in the… Continue Reading →

Mosquito Hike

Just a quick blog today – managed to get in a short hike at the Forest, mainly for exercise, but to also get some photographs if the conditions allowed for something interesting. We hiked down into the woodland from the car park, hoping to see some wild deer, but none were about – I think… Continue Reading →

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