Welcome to the first ‘Bears Blog’

This first post is going to be a little about me and my equipment, and a little catch up on the last few months to get up to date.

I am a keen photographer based in the UK – with a passion for landscapes and wildlife. I’ve always been a photographer, albeit a complete amateur using an old Fuji bridge camera and iphone, and mostly only for my own amusement – I started to feel like some of my work was worth sharing (lets hope i’m right or i’ll look really silly!!) – so I took the leap to a Nikon DLSR and started learning how to do it all properly.

Me and my DSLR

This led me to start a public Instagram page , where most of my photographs are well received – but I felt the need to be able to express myself more than the photographs alone – aside from the photography, I have a wonderful partner, I love hiking, I love music, and I write a little verse here and there – hence the new blog!

Here, I intend to not only share my best photos each week, but to share my photography journey with you all – the highs and lows, the learning process and my thoughts on it all along the way.

Sunset chasing in May

I feel like the secret to photography is not just in the equipment, the actual photography skills or the locations……its just about getting out there with the camera, as often as possible, and sharing with others what you see and your perception of things. If you are out there, the opportunity for great photos finds you a lot of the time – nature does most of the work for you.

Wildlife photography is probably the thing I find most rewarding, but hats off to anyone who is truly good at it as it requires patience and skill to a level I have yet to achieve!! Birds in particular are challenging to photograph in the wild, as most wild things are – and i’ll be honest, a half decent photograph of a truly wild bird or animal trumps a photo from a deer park or a back garden any day!!

Half decent shot of a Buzzard in local woodland

I do have a Lensball – and have really enjoyed the different perspective it gives to otherwise ordinary situations – i’ll be looking to talk more about that and share some images over the coming weeks.

Lensball on a day trip to the coast

Talking of equipment, I now have a Nikon D5600 with two lenses, an 18-55mm and a 70-300mm – I honestly love this camera and although i’m still learning the huge amount of features it has, I have recently made the leap to go full manual mode. I have an Kobe ND filter for long exposures, and a decent Victiv 72in tripod to help if required (but I do love shooting handheld).

Recent photograph in full manual mode

I still use the trusty iphone from time to time if i’m out without the DSLR – modern smartphones have great cameras and have brought photography to the masses for sure.

iphone photograph

For editing I use Lightroom for Raw and Snapseed and for JPEGs

Highlights of this year so far for me, photography wise, include the snow in February/March, the increase in wild deer in our local area, first trip back to the coast for over 6 months in May, and discovering what our local area really holds if you are prepared to get off the beaten track and go where others don’t.

The local wild deer

We are now into June, and i’ll be looking to get out as much as possible into the local area, and hopefully to the coast and maybe, just maybe, a bit further away if restrictions allow.

Obviously most of my photos have been local through the course of this year and last year, and the local woodland has been my main stomping ground, with the odd trip to the North Downs or to the South Coast, so it will be good to get out and about a bit more and further afield as time progresses.

The wonderful and moody south coast

Thanks for reading to this point, and I hope to keep you entertained of the coming weeks and months with my musings as they happen.

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