Ebb & Flow

It’s funny how as time goes by, you grow and change and young dreams die.

Those dreams you dream before you know, the way that life can ebb and flow.

The friends you thought would stick around, are now no longer to be found.

Places that you thought were home, you now don’t see, the nest you’ve flown.

It can be hard to find your place, to hone your voice and make some space.

To brave that ebb and ride the flow, know when to stick and when to go.

The twists and turns that don’t get taught, the inner battles that get fought.

But through all this you have to find, the call of your unconscious mind.

The reason that we all exist, the one thing that we can’t dismiss.

Follow your heart and make a pair, someone to love, and life to share.

My journey really is sublime, because it’s shared and not just mine.

Those ebbs are halved and aren’t so bad, I have someone to hold my hand.

When times are tough the stress is halved, tears may fall but turn to laughs.

She makes me smile despite it all, support is there, makes me stand tall.

Best of all, the fun, the ‘flow, is so much more because I know.

She is there right at my side, to take it in and share the ride.

The sand, the sea, sunrise, sunsets, the long lie ins and days in sweats.

My partner, my love, beauty and grace, she made our home, I found my place.

You see, home is not a house or place, it’s not a town or damn rat race.

Home is where you lay your heart, it’s where you land, not where you start.

My heart is home, my partner found, my life complete, my queen is crowned.

No problems now come joy or strife, from the ebbs and flows that shape my life. 

Copyright – Bearsphotohub 2021 – Do not reproduce without prior permission

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