New Photography Bag Review

Exciting event for Bear today, as my new photography bag has arrived!!

Never done any sort of review before – so comment with any feedback and I promise I wont take any criticism personally!

I spent a long time trying to decide what style I wanted, and what I needed the bag to do before I spent any money – cost was also a major factor as I was never going to spend hundreds of ££ as everything I do needs to be on a budget!! The link to the bag is below for anyone interested in buying the bag from Amazon.

I needed a waterproof bag as have been caught out in really bad weather on numerous occasions this year already (carrying the camera bag inside a plastic carrier bag on a long hike just isn’t a good look!!), and it needed to be a rucksack, preferably with rear access, as the previous bag was a shoulder bag that was very uncomfortable for long hikes and didn’t allow me to take all my gear.

Old shoulder bag ready to be retired

I also needed something that would carry my tripod, and a decent size drink bottle – as my poor partner was being loaded up with enough water in her rucksack for us both for a 3-4 hour hike, and it was really heavy for her!!

After (too) much deliberation, involving lots of research on YouTube, and reading of reviews – I decided on the large Yuhan Oxford camera bag (in green) – it cost me roughly £40 (so right on budget), and ticks most of the boxes, so lets see how all the gear fits and get some first impressions!

Front view

Taking the bag out of the delivery box, you immediately feel that the quality of the exterior feels better than the price tag. The material used is thick and sturdy, the zips seem strong, and the shoulder straps look wide and comfortable. The bag hold its shape without any contents and gives the impression that equipment will be well protected.

Rear view

The bag has two main compartments, the rear access compartment for the camera and lenses – and a separate front compartment for accessories and anything else you wish to carry. It has a tripod mount on one side, and a water bottle holder on the other – there are also several loops for other items to suspend from the bag.

The rear access compartment can be divided up using the velcro padding provided, which is split into handy small segments enabling lots of configurations – now, it took me an age to get the configuration right for my camera, as I wanted to be able to easily switch between the 18-55mm and 70-300mm lenses and still put the D5600 straight back into the bag. It was very fiddly to get right, and involved plenty of swearing and tantrums, but I got there in the end. I also managed to create a handy safe space for Lensball, my GoPro, and for my filters – and I have a few velcro segments left over which I have stuck around the edges of the compartment for future use, or if anything moves around while out and about – i’m sure this will change and evolve with more use.

Rear compartment with velcro segments

The front compartment will be filled with a few snacks, my keys, memory cards, camera cables/fittings and a few items of clothing. There is a handy compartment that will fit the Ipad too.

Front compartment

My tripod fits into the side compartment, albeit with one leg hanging out, but the strap provided holds it in place safely, and it can be easily removed without issues.

My standard drinks bottle fits perfectly and snuggly into the drinks holder.

Tripod and water bottle holders

The bag has an additional rain cover that fits over the whole bag (not the tripod though unfortunately) – This has been stored in the front compartment for now.

Next job will be to do a quick trip out with the bag to assess the performance in the field – got to be a big step up from the old shoulder bag – wish me luck.

Update – June 15th 2021 – The bag has now been thoroughly tested and I can’t praise it enough so far – very durable and comfortable to wear on long hike. The rear access is great, the zips and pockets are sturdy and well made. The bag has performed beyond my expectations so far.

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