Failed Sunset Chasing

Long hot sunny yesterday, but in the evening a bit of cloud started to creep in, so an evening sunset chasing was in order on our daily walk – it would also give me a chance to try out the new camera bag.

I left the tripod at home on this occasion, and opted for handheld as we wanted to cover a fair bit of ground, and the temperature was still well into the 20’s.

We parked in our usual spot at the edge of town, and crossed the motorway via the footbridge, before slowly leaving civilization behind and getting deep into the thick woodland. We chose a circular route we had done numerous times before, that works out about 3-4 miles which was perfect for a evening walk.

Our evening walk of 3-4 miles

The sun was quite low for the first part of the walk, because of the nature of the terrain (its very hilly), so I had to set up for low light, but also be careful not to blow out any highlights where the sun was visible in my photos.

First part of the walk – 18mm F13 1/1600 ISO1600

We walked almost half the route without seeing any wildlife – i’m always hopeful of seeing some of the local wild deer, red kite or a buzzard, but to be honest, I think we were a bit early for the deer, it was still an hour or more before sunset at this point.

Heading down – 18mm F9 1/250 ISO100

We walked almost the whole route, and eventually came out of the woods into a clearing as we headed back towards the motorway. I had photographed this spot a few weeks ago, but this time here I managed to use Lensball to get a couple of shots. These were taken using the articulated screen to get low enough, focused on Lensball, and under exposing a tiny bit (as that’s what my camera seems to like) to get the right light.

Lensball in the meadow – 18mm F8 1/125 ISO100

Another 30 mins and we were back in the car doing the 5 min drive home – only then to be greeted by the proper orange glow of the lovely sunset – typical, we were a bit to early during our walk to get it right this time. Never mind, there is always next time, and to be honest, it was just great to get out for some fresh air and stretch my legs.

I was really happy with how the new camera bag performed, it is really comfortable to wear, and access to all the items I need was not as much faff as I thought it could be – so all in all it was a great success.

Have a few days on the North Downs coming up this weekend, so hopefully will be able to get some good photographs and interesting experiences to share with you all.

Have a good one

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