These Covid Times

I wrote this during the Pandemic – in the summer of 2020, but haven’t shared it before. Some of it is still relevant, but it reminds me of how myself, and a lot of people were feeling at the time.

Strange times we live in, nothings the same, we’re learning to play in a whole new ball game.

Family like strangers, no chance to see friends, it’s all very bleak, not sure when it’ll end.

No short breaks away, or annuals abroad, got to stay local, the rest is outlawed.

Furlough is in, and DIY rules, everyone’s building extensions and pools.

An impossible task, for leaders to win, Economy suffers if we lock-down again.

Facemasks are here, and likely to stay, but they are useless if worn the wrong way.

So many true colours are now being shown, people care not, unless it’s their own.

All is not lost, some people do care, life would just stop without people who dare.

There on the front line – right in harms way – can we really not increase their pay?

They keep services going, and keep people alive, without them the Country just wouldn’t survive!

Daily routine now, is not like before, four walls to stare at, try not to get bored.

Walk at first light, come rain wind or shine,  protecting my waistline from food and red wine.

No office for us, just working from home, dealing with clients on Zoom or the phone.

Then after work, out walking the streets, we keep well away from the people we meet.

Turn on the TV, avoiding the news, too much depression and opposite views.

Media nightmare, way too much hate, should be ‘All Lives Matter’, it’s not up for debate.

Repeats on all channels, production has slowed, licence not worth the money that’s owed.

Netflix it is then, what a saviour it’s been, but got to the point now where everything’s seen.

Do our shopping online, our ‘click and collect’, but that only works if anything’s left!

People are crazy, all going berserk, just buy what you used to, then everything works!

Amazon busy, deliver right to your door, not worth the risk to shop local stores.

Weekend is here, let’s get out and about, but here there’s a problem, it’s too busy throughout.

Go to the coast, or get out to the park, but can’t even get close, I’m done with this lark!

Nowhere is quiet, as everyone’s there, most things that were peaceful now have to be shared.

But sharing is dangerous, silent killer about, guess we’ll stay clear, in case of a doubt.

Deep into the Forest, our only escape, those 10 mile hikes to keep us in shape.

Just us and the trees, the birds and the deer,  a whole world away without any fear.

So now it is, that our hobbies are new, crafting and foraging to name but a few.

I have my moments, life’s hard now it seems, but I cope making plans to follow our dreams.

One thing above all, keeps depression away, the one thing that’s constant in each of my days.

I don’t have faith, and don’t ever pray, but thank God for my partner for keeping me sane.

She is the light, that is helping me see, a future post Covid for her and for me.

A life in the mountains, or next to a loch, no crowds of people, just us and the rocks.

Far from these troubles, that sounds sublime, first got to keep pushing through These Covid Times.

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