Through My Eyes

When you look at a glance, you don’t always see,

The beauty that’s there, so this is my plea.

Take a moment in time, to stop and observe,

Are you seeing the scene for all it is worth?

Are you walking along, distracted by life,

And taking for granted the views and wildlife.

Running through days, not getting outside,

Missing the park, the forest and skies.

A photographer sees a whole different scene,

They see the photo, the way it will be.

They stop and think about all that is there,

And consider how great it would be, to share.

When there you aren’t seeing, the things that I do,

You’re not stopping to look, as if each time is new.

I see the photo, the memory, the scene,

Then I take the picture to show where I’ve been.

I see the birds, the insects and trees,

I see the grass, sway along with the breeze.

Out early and late to capture the sun,

As it greets the day, and sets when it’s done.

I see the clouds, the sky’s colours and tones,

While people are surfing the Net with their phones.

I see the deer, grazing out in the fields,

Something truly wild, can’t explain how it feels.

I see the expressions, of loved ones each day,

I capture the moments and store them away.

Memories made and albums to share,

Of people and places, as if you were there.

My life is enriched because of the fact,

I capture these scenes to keep memories intact.

I see the moments the way they should be,

Always stopping to take in what others don’t see.

So take a step back, and look all around,

Study each moment from sky to the ground.

Observe all of life, don’t let it pass by ,

And imagine you see Through Photographers Eyes.

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