Love of My Life

Youth had me fooled – I thought I’d found love,

But age gave me wisdom, wisdom gave me a shove.

I had to keep searching, yet to find ‘the one’,

Then you hit between my eyes, love out of a gun.

Swept off my feet, world turned upside down,

Couldn’t describe this new feeling I’d found.

Like nothing before had even come close,

You opened my eyes, my heart you exposed.

I may have found you, a bit late in my years,

And lived through a fair bit of upset, and tears.

These journeys they begin, have a middle and end,

Mine ended when I met you, my love, my best friend.

In time I have realised, just how lucky we are,

To have found each other, like a moon finds a star.

What are the chances, to find someone you love,

And have them love you – luck that’s sent from above.

Can’t describe the feeling, I wake up with each day,

Like heaven came down, and decided to stay.

I love each day with you, and when I come to each night,

I thank God for you – you are the Love of My Life.

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