Last Minute Sunset Chase

After a trip to Morrisons to grab a few bits of shopping – I noticed in the car park that we were getting a great cloud formation and that the sunset could turn out well. I happened to have the camera bag in the car, so we headed off to Ashdown Forest, as there gave us the best chance to see the setting sun with a bit of elevation.

As we drove there, the skies were incredible, so I pulled over in a layby to get a ‘banker’ shot.

‘Banker’ shot from the layby – 18-55mm – F13 – 1/160 – ISO100

Once I was happy I had got the shot from the layby, we headed to Black Hill car park, and walked through the woods to the other side, where you can see across the valley towards the sunset.

Black Hill car park shot – 18-55mm – F13 – 1/200 – ISO100

I managed to shoot everything handheld as I had left the tripod at home.

On the drive back home, I saw a small car park in Hartfield that gave me an opportunity to use Lensball. I didn’t like using the mad made object(fence post) to sit him on – but I was pleased with the results.

Lensball – 18-55mm – F13 – 1/125 – ISO500

Just goes to show – you have to make the most of opportunities when you can – and you should always have the camera with you

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