Late Evening Lensball Shots

Our usual evening walk had been just the same since our return from Herefordshire – it had been so hot, we hadn’t felt like going to the forest or to the coast.

I decided I needed to get the camera out anyway, and we had a bit of cloud around on this evening, so I decided to try and get some Lensball shots.

We walked into the top of the woodland, and I found a decent spot for Lensball to sit on a tree stump. I had to heavily edit the shot when I got home, as it hadn’t turned out how I’d hoped (over exposed) – but Lightroom saved the day.

Lightroom edit – 18-55mm – F11 – 1/80 – ISO100

I found some wild flowers to photograph, but again had the same issue with exposure – so a good edit was required later.

Wild Flower edit – 18-55mm – F7.1 – 1/40 – ISO100

On the way back to the car, I found a likely spot, but there was nothing to perch Lensball on, so I have to get my partner to hold him while I took the photos. I was much more pleased with the results from these shots.

Lensball handheld – 18-55mm – F7.1 – 1/4000 – ISO450

Overall – a bit of a learning experience on this trip – my Nikon D5600 seems to prefer me to under expose shots, and raise the shadows in edit, so I’ll do that going forwards.

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