Overdue Trip to Ashdown Forest

We had been suffering in the heat, and struggled to get out hiking – especially with the camera bag as it was so hot and humid.

But – the forecast was giving us a small break in the weather, and some decent cloud was forecast for the evening, so we planned a late evening trip to go to Ashdown Forest to watch the sunset.

When we arrived the car park at Gill Lap was almost empty – so we made our way a short distance to the first bench along the hill and I got the tripod out and got set up.

First shot from the tripod – 18-55mm – F7.1 – 1/160 – ISO100

I decided to experiment with the long lens – and frame a few shots, just to see how they turned out. I was quite pleased, and will certainly try it again in the future.

Long lens shot – 70-300mm – F7.1 – 1/100 – ISO100

I decided the scene was perfect for Lensball – there was no where for him to perch again (something I will need to figure out for future trips – maybe something needed in the camera bag for this?). I had to create a little mound of small sticks to try – then lay down on the floor with all the bugs to get the shot.

Small stick mound – 18-55mm – F7.1 – 1/400 – ISO400

I decided I needed to prop Lensball up higher to give more perspective – so I crafted a cradle for him from a broken branch – this worked much better, but I still had to lay down.

Branch Cradle – 18-55mm – F7.1 – 1/50 – ISO100

I tried a few shots with my partner holding Lensball afterwards, as I was fed up of crawling on the floor in ants nests!! Very hard to keep still and get the focus right in low light when going hand held with the Lensball and the camera – two moving targets!!

Handheld – 18-55mm – F7.1 – 1/125 – ISO100

I was pleased with the haul of shots so far, so we walked along the hill a little to see a different view.

18-55mm – F11 – 1/160 – ISO100

The few scattered trees gave some foreground to the shots, and I was pleased with these shots.

Foreground Trees – 18-55mm – F11 – 1/160 – ISO125

We headed back along the hill to the car park, and I took one last shot before we got in the car and drove home – a very happy photographer.

Last photo by the car park – 18-55mm – F11 – 1/100 – ISO220

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