Bewl Water Stroll

The very next day – having got the bug for getting a bit further afield than our local evening walk – we headed to Bewl Water. Again we left very late to avoid the crowds, and we had a slight break in the weather which made it bearable.

We parked the car on a country lane – and headed off on the circular walk. We found a little peninsular where we could see a lot of the reservoir and stopped to take a few shots. There were remains of a small tree washed up on shore which were perfect for Lensball to sit on.

Lensball tree trunk shot – 18-55mm – F7.1 – 1/100 – ISO100

Again with these shots, I had to get very low and almost kneel on the ground to get the photo – the flip out screen on the D5600 helping massively.

Lensball Tree trunk – 18-55mm – F7.1 – 1/100 – ISO100

I took one last shot down the reservoir from a small dam before we left.

Looking across from the dam – 18-55mm – F11 – 1/100 – ISO100

All in all a productive trip and I will return here soon when the forecast is favorable for sunset as I feel some nice shots could be had.

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