Full of excitement, hope the forecasts is right ,

Been hot for so long, and we can’t sleep at night.

Clear skies and sunshine outside the window,

It’s so humid, I feel tired, lethargic and slow.

Now it’s clouding over, but not cooling down,

I lean out of the window, and look all around.

It’s still not near, no sign, or sound of it yet,

Soon be dark, that’s okay, night storms are the best.

That first growl of thunder, a loud, distant roar,

Though far away, feels like it’s shaking the floor.

Bright shapes in the sky, natures light show is here,

Move out to the garden, storm draws ever near.

It’s been so dry, so we stand out in the rain,

Soaked to the skin, but blood pumps through our veins.

Spectacular lightning, stood watching in awe,

It’s now all around us, and striking the floor.

It’s starting to pass now, feel slightly relieved,

Up close, seen how dangerous nature can be.

Rains stopped, it’s gone, now a breeze has arrived,

Brings welcome chills, to our skin as we dry.

Feeling much fresher, the storms cleared the air,

Temperatures dropped, and is easier to bare.

It’s over, moved north, we’re back to the norm,

Excitement can build till the next thunderstorm.

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