Mad Dash for Bewl Sunset

We decided quite late on to head to Bewl water to have a short relaxing walk, and to try and watch the sunset.

When we arrived it was quite busy, and a few people had already placed themselves in the best viewing areas.

I managed a few quick shots in between people with the tripod.

Quick tripod shot – 18-55mm – F9 – 1/125 – ISO100

I also managed a quick Lensball shot in that location as there was a handy tree washed up again.

Lensball on stump – 18-55mm – F9 – 1/125 – ISO100

We wanted some more space to ourselves, so decided to make a quick dash to the other side of the dam, and see if we could get a view from there. At this point we started to realise just how hot it still was, and the quick 15 min hike was a bit of a slog to be honest.

I managed one quick snap on route as I was worried if we would get another chance – the sun was already getting low and I had no guarantee of a view on the other side.

Quick Lensball shot on route – 18-55mm – F9 – 1/80 – ISO125
Another on route as light faded – 18-55mm – F9 – 1/125 – ISO100

We finally made it to the other side, sweating and very hot – and we did indeed have a view – but very short time to enjoy and photograph it. We also had huge problems with mosquitoes – despite us both wearing repellent!! I managed to get a few shots handheld with Lensball after finding a small piece of tree on route which I saved to use, and some sunset views with the tripod.

Lensball on stump found on route – 18-55mm – F9 – 1/80 (handheld) – ISO125
Last tripod shot – 18-55mm – F9 – 1/80 – ISO125

We slowly walked back to the car – very hot and bitten by bugs. The air conditioning in the car was very welcome as we drove home – but I was reasonably happy with the photos when I downloaded them – still a bit to learn, but getting there.

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