Plans Ruined with Amazing Results

Yet again we were meant to be heading for the coast, but yet again our plans were ruined – this time by the weather. The wind had picked up, and was blowing right off the water at 30-40mph, meaning any sort of photography would have been impossible on the exposed cliffs.

We had to think of somewhere a bit more sheltered – so again opted for the reservoir. We intended to just have a walk as the weather wasn’t guaranteed to be dry, and take the camera bag ‘just in case’.

We arrived around 8pm, and set off anti-clockwise as we knew it was less muddy, and less busy that way. We arrived at a clearing where I had a view down the lake, so I fired off a quick shot handheld.. The wind was very strong and right into our faces.

Clearing shot – 18-55mm – F18 – 1/100 – ISO100

At this point the cloud cover was quite thick, but I could see potential for a thick band of cloud to disperse later, and allow the sun to come out below it, right on sunset time. With this in mind we went for a walk, through the woods to explore this route a little more, then returned later to set up for sunset.

When we returned you could see the bank of cloud starting to shift. I set up for some long exposure shots.

Long exposure – 18-55mm – F18 – 1.3sec – ISO125

While waiting for the cloud to move away – I decided to try and get lensball set up somewhere. Same as last time I was in this spot, there wasn’t really anything to rest him on, so I pushed a stick into the ground and balanced him on top.

Lensball while waiting – 18-55mm – F18 – 1/50 – ISO140

After a while, the sun popped out under the cloud, sending a streak of light across the reservoir and all the ripples on the surface. I took a few more long exposure shots (which were very difficult in the strong wind!!).

Long exposure – 18-55mm – F13 – 1/1.3 – ISO125

I also took some regular shots, trying to adjust the settings in the ever changing light.

Fast changing light – 18-55mm – F13 – 1/400 – ISO160

I then chose to go back to lensball for a bit, as the scene had completely changed from earlier.

Lensball – 18-55mm – F13 – 1/80 – ISO100

I experimented some more for the rest of the shoot, changing between using the ND filter for long exposures, and changing back for regular shots – this was all great practice for me at changing settings on the camera and adapting to fast changing light conditions. A few more shots are below:

Long exposure – 18-55mm – F13 – 1/1.3 – ISO125
Portrait shot – 18-55mm – F13 – 1/500 – ISO200
Last shot of the night(long exposure) – 18-55mm – F11 – 2sec – ISO125

Last shot of the night was possibly the best – a long exposure shot with the 7 stop ND filter, 2 second shutter speed.

We headed home after this, as the bank of cloud came back over the sun.

Really pleased with the results again and now can’t wait to get to some exciting locations to try out my new found confidence.

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