Saturday Local Hike

Back to our local hikes, first time in ages as it had been too hot for so long now. We decided on an extended route, parking in our usual spot but venturing around some new roads.

We hadn’t gone more than a few yards from the car, when we stumbled upon a pair of roe deer feeding in a meadow!! I hurriedly changed to the 70-300mm lens, and rushed some settings into the camera, and fired off a couple of quick shots. It was tremendously difficult as I had foliage everywhere, bad light, long grass and very nervous deer!!

Wild Deer – 70-300mm – F9 – 1/40 – ISO300

I tried to gain a better view but the deer bolted as soon as they saw me!!

We continued on our walk, it was a pleasant day, if anything, a little warmer than we expected. I managed to find an interesting spot for a lensball shot, looking over towards a church in the distance. Again, a difficult shot because of the shadows and the reflections of the trees above, but it turned out okay.

Lensball – 18-55mm – F9 – 1/100 – ISO160

We pushed on, keen to eat up the miles as the weather was getting warmer all the time. I didn’t really see anything else I wanted to photograph to be honest, not sure if this is because I have had some wonderful locations recently, and this was all a bit uninspiring, or weather I was just hot and wanted to get back.

We finished our hike, which was around 7.5 miles, and got home in time for lunch.

Have been asked to do some family photos tomorrow, which is new for me, so lets see how that turns out!!

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