First August Sunset

Forecast looked good, sunshine and cloud forecast from 7pm to 10pm, so we headed off to the reservoir to photograph our first sunset of August.

We arrived around 7.15pm, as we had a slightly longer hike to get to a new spot. I had identified a new area on Google maps where it looked like we would have an uninterrupted view down the reservoir until well after the sun had set.

The parking area was busy, as it had been a nice day and lots of families were around the dam area, kayaking and sunbathing. I was glad our hike was in the opposite direction, and we were soon out on our own in the peace and quiet.

After about 30mins of fast hiking, we arrived at the new area. I was a little disappointed as the sun was very bright with very little cloud cover. I set up the tripod and took some initial shots.

First photo – 18mm – F7.1 – 1/2000 – ISO160

There were hundreds of flies and mosquitoes around as the wind had dropped completely but, this meant the water was flat calm, and there was a nice reflection.

Long Exposure Reflection – 18mm – f22 – 1sec – ISO110

I threw some small stones in the water, using the 2sec shutter delay and long exposure to capture the ripples.

More long exposure – 18mm – f22 – 1sec – ISO110

I managed to find a small pile of rocks to sit lensball on, and took a few shots from very low to the ground, so although handheld, the camera resting on the ground actually which enabled me to keep still.

Lensball rocks – 18mm – F7.1 – 1/500 – ISO100
Lensball rocks – 18mm – f7.1 – 1/500 – ISO100

The sun was dropping now, and the reflection was giving a nice shaft of light across the reservoir, I experimented with some normal and some long exposure shots to see what results I could get. I managed to capture a sun star too.

Reflection – 18mm – f22 – 1/2 – ISO125
Sun star – 18mm – f22 – 1/200 – ISO125

I decided to try and get lensball into a different position actually out in the water. I found a small mound of earth that was detached from the ground, and carefully placed it out in the water. Resting lensball on top, I again was able to rest the camera on the ground, and using a small bit of zoom, get the shots I wanted. I did however forget that I was actually after a reflection of lensball in the water….I only remembered during editing!

Lensball earth mound – 40mm – f7.1 – 1/320 – ISO100

The sun was soon pretty low, I took a series of shots as I knew we would soon have to leave.

29mm – f22 – 1/4 – ISO110
Long exposure – 29mm – f22 – 1sec – ISO110
Long exposure – 40mm – f25 – 2sec – ISO125

This included using lensball back on both mounts I had used previously, and a mix of normal and long exposure landscape shots.

Lensball Rock – 18mm – f7.1 – 1/400 – ISO100
Lensball rock – 18mm – f7.1 – 1/640 – ISO100
Lensball earth mound – 40mm – f7.1 – 1/800 – ISO100
Lensball earth mound – 40mm – f7.1 – 1/400 – ISO100

We had a 30min hike back through the trees, and the light was getting low now, so we set off back to the car. Another great evening of photography, and a nice hike as well. If it wasn’t for the mosquitoes it would have been perfect!!

Last photo – 38mm – f13 – 1/160 – ISO125

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