The Weight

Constant pressure, that no-one can see,

can’t seem to shake it, just can’t break free.

That weight on my shoulders, pushing me down,

got to come up for air, and try not to drown.

None of the worry is from family and friends,

all my own head fuck, want to make amends.

I put myself under, the greatest duress,

want to be better, I feel such a mess.

My relationship’s strong, there’s never a frown,

but constantly worried that I’m letting her down.

The money, the milestones, the future she craves,

want to make progress, but stuck in the waves.

Motivation as always, is the key to it all,

going forwards not back, learning to stand tall.

But, that weight, that load, it’s so hard to shake,

feel beaten sometimes, and it’s so hard to break.

But whenever I’m floored, and can’t get to my feet,

my partner supports me, she makes me complete.

She helps me keep focus, then drive to succeed,

helps push doubt aside and to never concede.

Despite all the problems, that weight round my neck,

the future is bright, as she keeps me in check.

Those deep dark moments are turned into light,

her love is my answer to winning the fight.

The weight can be too much for people to bear,

sometimes tragic decisions without people who care.

I’m lucky, some aren’t, they don’t have the support,

so check in on your contacts, the balls in your court.

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