Failed Cornfield Sunset

Last night, we drove specifically to a cornfield we had seen on one of our early morning walks. I had checked the positioning of the sunset on my Sunset AR app, and it looked good to return to photograph the sunset when the conditions allowed.

It wasn’t a long walk from where we managed to park the car, so we were able to get in position relatively easily.

From the moment we arrived the conditions weren’t quite right for what I wanted – the sun was way too bright, and there was no cloud cover at all. This was disappointing, as cloud had been forecast.

I tried taking a few shots with various setting as I was there, but the only shots I was happy with after editing were Lensball shots – the best of which I will post below. These were taken handheld, with a piece of broken branch rested o the tripod.

24mm – F7.1 – 1/200 – ISO100

We returned to the car – at this point not knowing for sure how things had turned out, but worried that the conditions had ruined the chances of getting the landscape shots I wanted.

Annoyingly, as we drove home, a bank of cloud moved in and produced a stunning sunset, but it wouldn’t have been visible from the cornfield because of the tree line.

I opted not to stop to try and get a shot as we were driving through the industrial estate, and the only foreground in my shots would have been ASDA!!!

Oh well – another time, we live and learn.

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