Estuary Sunset Walk

Back to my hometown for the weekend just gone, and I had checked the tides times and seen we were due to have a reasonable tide still present at sunset in the estuary.

Near my home town, I am limited to access to the sea wall to photograph, and knew that I may not get the sunset over the water as you only really get that in June and early July. There are however some interesting wrecks and shoreline to photograph, so thought it worth a shot.

We walked the short walk to the estuary in evening, and were soon in the first spot I had decided to try. The water was a little further out than I’d hoped, but I set up the tripod and snapped a couple of shots.

Initial Shot – 18mm – F11 – 1/250 – ISO110

I found an interesting molten rock on the beach, that I decided would be good to sit Lensball on, so I sat the rock on the tripod, and took a few photos handheld.

Lensball Molten Rock – 25mm – F7.1 – 1/250 – ISO100
Molten Rock 2 – 25mm – F7.1 – 1/800 – ISO125

After this I repositioned slightly, as the sun had come round a bit, and the tide had receded, giving me a slightly different angle. Love the reflections.

New angle – 18mm – F11 – 1/125 – ISO125

I also tried Lensball in the new position – again using the rock I found on the tripod and shooting handheld.

18mm – F7.1 – 1/500 – ISO125
18mm – F7.1 – 1/320 – ISO125

I then moved up onto the sea wall to get a better angle on the sky, as it was developing into something special as the sun set. Tripod again in play.

Sea Wall – 18mm – F18 – 1/125 – ISO125

I tried to get a shot of the boats on the water, and the reflections in the sea – this was shot handheld, but didn’t quite give me the effect I was after.

Reflections – 18mm – F18 – 1/30 – ISO125

I took one last shot, again handheld, as we walked back – the sky was unbelievable by this point, and I wished I had the tide right in to the shore to be able to capture the reflections.

Walk Home – 18mm – F18 – 1/125 – ISO110

All in all a good trip out with the camera, lots learned again – looking forward to the next one.

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