Quick Forest Hike

We decided last minute to go to the Forest for a hike, I took the camera in case an opportunity arose, but I wasn’t expecting much to be honest as the sky was quite bright and clear and the forecast was for it to remain that way.

We parked at the top of the hill and hiked to the thicker forest, about a mile or so from the car, before heading deeper into the forest and further down the hill.

In the thick of the forest we saw a group of wild deer – it was way too dark in there for photos though.

We emerged from the forest at the bottom of the valley and made our way to a hill we call ‘Horrid Hill’ due to how steep it is. A quick rest halfway up Horrid Hill gave me the opportunity to get the camera out and take a few shots, some with Lensball perched on a stone on top of the tripod, and some of the view across the valley towards the sunset.

Lensball Rock – 24mm – F11 – 1/200 – ISO100
Valley View – 18mm – F11 – 1/500 – ISO125

We continued our hike, and as the sunset developed beyond anything forcast, I suggested we walk to a place we call ‘Savanna’. Once there I was able to capture the scene with the sunset getting ever better.

Savanna – 18mm – F11 – 1/320 – ISO110

I could quite happily of sat out the sunset at ‘Savannah’ – but we chose to walk another loop back towards the road and back to the car to extend our hike.

I managed to find another gap in the scrub to take this shot.

Gap in the Scrub – 18mm – F11 – 1/125 – ISO125

We then saw a group of large wild deer, some with big antlers. I changed lenses in the hope of getting a photo, but when the large lens clicked into the camera body, they bolted – goes to show how wild these deer really are!!

I did manage one more shot as we walked back to the car – this time handheld as we passed a gap in the trees (even some wild heather in there) – then we returned to the car and drove home.

Last Photo – 18mm – F11 – 1/80 – ISO110

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