Mosquito Hike

Just a quick blog today – managed to get in a short hike at the Forest, mainly for exercise, but to also get some photographs if the conditions allowed for something interesting.

We hiked down into the woodland from the car park, hoping to see some wild deer, but none were about – I think the footfall had been quite high before we arrived as it was still the summer holiday period.

We emerged back into the open area below the woods, where I saw some nice patches of heather that I thought I might be able to photograph. I shot handheld, with fairly standard setting for these shots.

Heather – 18mm – f13 – 1/100th – ISO125

Further round the walk, along a well trodden path, the sun was appearing from under a bank of cloud, so I took a few shots handheld, trying to utilise the grass and trees to frame the compositions.

Grass frame – 18mm – f13 – 1/100th – ISO200
Tree frame – 18mm – f13 – 1/80th – ISO140

After this we headed back down the hill, and I managed to sit Lensball on a fencepost and capture a quick sunset shot handheld.

Lensball – 55mm – f10 – 1/80th – ISO140

At the bottom of the hill, there is a path that heads along the side of the valley – from here you get a good vantage point across the valley towards the sunset. I took a couple of shots handheld as there was a lot of interesting foreground and colours. I had to let the ISO creep up in order to do the shots handheld, as the light was very low here.

Heather Valley – 18mm – f10 – 1/50th – ISO360
Valley Sunset – 55mm – f10 – 1/50th – ISO220

We continued our walk, and ended up back at the Savanna tree area – I couldn’t resist trying a couple of shots with the tripod, even though I have photographed this area to death before.

Savanna – 42mm – f10 – 1/20th – ISO125

I dragged myself away from Savanna, and continued back towards the car. A bit further on and the tripod was out again to photograph the wild heather and grass in the foreground of another sunset shot. I thought about bracketing here, but was able to get enough light in the foreground to make the shot using the tripod.

Wild Grass – 18mm – f7.1 – 1/30th – ISO100

Lastly, we stopped at the last turn before the trudge back to the car park – the big wide path at the road end of the area, giving us a clear view of the setting sun. I decided to try another shot using Lensball. This time I managed to find a piece of tree that had fallen, and perched it on the tripod before setting Lensball on top. I then took the photo handheld. Again, it was very tricky as the light was very low to shoot handheld, especially with the massive volume of mosquitos that were now present. I only just managed to fire off a couple of shots, and even then I had to tolerate the mosquitos sitting on my hands while taking the photos!!

Mosquito Lensball – 48mm – f7.1 – 1/50 – ISO140

That was it after that, we quickly packed away, and made a dash for the car park to avoid the mosquitoes. Another short but fun hike though, and always learning.

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