Coastal Contrast

We spent the weekend at two very opposite and contrasting coastlines. The weather couldn’t have been more different with strong wind and drizzle on Saturday, followed by blistering heat and calm on Sunday.

Saturday was spent in the north of the county, in my old home town. For part of the day we walked along the coast – only a short walk, and the weather was a bit breezy and damp.

I took the camera along with me, and managed to get a couple of shots despite the awful light and lack of interest in the skies.

The first shots were with Lensball – I tried two different scenes with him, one on a wooden post, and one on a large pebble – all shot handheld.

Lensball wooden post – 18mm – f6.3 – 1/500th – ISO100
Lensball pebble – 18mm – f6.3 – 1/500th – ISO100

I managed to get a shot of my partner, with waves crashing in the background. When editing, I decided the shot might look good in black and white as it gave a good interpretation of the weather on the day.

Partner B&W – 38mm – f6.3 – 1/1000 – ISO200

On the walk back to the car, some beach huts caught my eye – I tried for a while to find the ideal composition for them to express the colours and shapes at their best, but ultimately I wasn’t happy with the results.

Beach Huts – 34mm – f6.3 – 1/320th – ISO100

That concluded our walk on Saturday, but we spent a nice day with family before heading home for the evening.

On Sunday we rose early and headed for the opposite coast in the south of the county. It was very very hot, complete contrast to the previous day.

We had decided it was too hot to go walking far, so we opted for flip flops, sun cream and travelling light. We parked at the far end of the beach away from the crowds, walked a few hundred yards to get away from some fishermen, and wandered slowly along the beach, dipping our toes where breaks in the shingle allowed sand to show through, and occasionally sat on the pebbles soaking up the sun.

I did take the camera, and I took some great photos of my partner as she frolicked in the waves that I wont share here. I did take a few other shots, but the light was so harsh it was hard to find anything interesting – the only shot I was happy with is below.

Harsh light – 18mm – f11 – 1/500th – ISO180

I’ll share one last black and white photo – another of my partner as she watched a small fishing boat.

Partner B&W – 55mm – f11 – 1/1250th – ISO160

We didn’t stay long, the sunburn risk was high (despite factor 50 suncream!!) and it was getting busier as the day went on. We drove along the coast for a bit, checking out new areas for quieter times when we can return – then drove home for lunch.

The rest of the weekend passed quickly – the last weekend of the summer holidays, so we now hope that things start to return to being less busy, so we can enjoy more of the areas we love.

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