When will it start? Still waiting, still keen.

The life we deserve, our future, our dream.

Constantly working to claim our new lives,

But stuck in the present, where reality thrives.

Not much to ask, to move forward, not back,

A new life elsewhere, our future on track.

She’s been so patient, but I know she wants more,

I want it too, there’s so much to explore.

There’s always a blocker, and plans have to change,

Covid, money and baggage, past life to estrange.

What’s around the next corner, nobody knows,

But we’ll face it together and go with the flow.

Not that we’re unhappy, we both just want more,

Not from each other, from life, from before.

We have found each other, and that will be enough,

If here’s where we stay, love will beat the rough.

But, I know it will happen, our future is clear,

Love, laughter, my soul mate, will always will be near.

Can’t wait till it starts, the life together we see,

Our future, our dream, for her and for me.

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