Wrong Decision

There was a choice….and I think I made the wrong one.

We had very little time, and really only two familiar destinations that made sense – the reservoir, or the forest. The forest was closer, involved no motorway driving, and we hadn’t been there for a few weeks – on the other hand, the reservoir was a fair drive, in traffic, and we had only been there last week.

The weather looked okay for a decent sunset……so I chose the forest – mainly because it was easier.

We made the 20 min drive and arrived about 10-15mins before sunset, which by the time we had parked, and walked through the forest to the valley on the far side, meant we arrived right as the sun was dropping below the tree line of the North Downs.

This gave me no time again to find a composition, and no time to think about my photography – it was all too much of a rush. I had hoped by visiting this area, I could have found some interesting heather or other wild flowers to use as foreground, but the colours are all faded now, and there was nothing to be seen.

I couldn’t help thinking I’d made the wrong choice, if we had got there in time, the still evening and the bright orange sky at sunset would have made an excellent composition at the reservoir – reflections would have been great.

Anyway, I did fire off a few shots with the zoom lens as the sun went down behind the trees, but I really wasn’t happy with the foreground, or the composition as a whole. I’ll post an example below – this one was zoomed in and avoided most of the rubbish foreground – but i’m not happy with the scene at all – I don’t like the tree in the foreground, the haze across the whole picture, or anything really – it feels like a photo for the sake of it – rather than something I worked for and visualised – hey ho, can’t get it right every time I guess.

Quick Shot – 220mm – f11 – 1/13th – ISO100

Again though, it was a learning experience, the evenings are drawing in quickly now, and sunsets (or any landscapes) might be hard to photograph during the week – perhaps it is time to start the night time photography I’ve been wanting to do for a while…….there is nothing worse than rushing about, taking rubbish photos, and regretting decisions.

The other option is to find a new area closer to home, so we can walk there earlier and not have to wait until the traffic around the town has died down before being able to travel – I will give it some thought……

Anyway – hopefully some new locations in the coming weeks, as we might have a few days away somewhere new…….

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