Weekend Walkies

We had finally ventured out to get some petrol, now that the idiotic and selfish panic buying had subsided somewhat, so we were able to get away from the town at the weekend and into the country. We didn’t go far, just to our usual walk around the local woods, and then off to the reservoir late on Sunday afternoon to see the sunset.

On Friday night, we stayed with family at the foot of the North Downs – spending some time in their garden on Saturday, and having a short walk up into the Downs.

Garden Dewdrops – 28mm – f4.5 – 1/400th sec – ISO100

I took a few photos in the garden, but was really hoping to get into the Downs before the morning fog had burnt off – I really wanted a shot of the valley coated in mist – but by the time everyone was ready, the chance had gone. It was still a nice day and we enjoyed the change of scenery and the company of family.

Autumn is Coming – 22mm – f9 – 1/500th sec – ISO100

On Sunday we did our local walk around the woods – it was nice to be out on a fresh morning, away from the town air. It was definitely a bit cooler, but still shorts weather for walking – they say you should add at least 5 degrees to the temperature for exercise, and I need it to be well below 10 degrees to wear anything more than shorts and a light t-shirt for certain – especially with the camera bag on my back!!

We did a half circuit, which works out to around six miles, and I managed to take a few snaps in the woods – again, I didn’t really get the misty scenes I was hoping for.

Woodland Gateway – 18mm – f5.6 – 1/20th sec – ISO500

I had been studying a bit about composition during the week, and tried to incorporate a few bits of foreground interest into some of my shots. I follow some great photographers on YouTube such as Henry Turner, Nigel Danson and James Popsys to name a few – and have been learning so much that I need to put into practice.

Formation Trees – 42mm – f5.6 – 1/500th sec – ISO200

I did notice that the wildlife has started to become more prominent again, lots of squirrels and birds around – but yet to see any deer. Will make sure I’m ready with the longer lens if the opportunity arises. I really want to get a close up shot of one of the squirrels, with loads of detail – the time has come for sure.

We rested during the early afternoon, then headed out later, around 4.30pm, to the reservoir. The forecast was for the cloud to break and the breeze to drop just before sunset. We had seen some rain during the afternoon, so a good sunset was on the cards and hopefully some good reflections in the water.

We arrived and walked anti-clockwise, as this put the sunset on the opposite side of the lake from us. I took a few shots, mostly fast shutter shots as the light wasn’t low enough to make the most of the longer exposure and capture any cloud movement – there was also no ripple as such so the need to smooth out the water was negated. I did suffer a bit with the ripples from a couple of paddle boarders, and a particularly annoying motor boat that was ruining my reflections though!!

Reflections – 18mm – f9 – 1/320th sec – ISO100

I got a few shots of the type I wanted – then, aware of the fact I wanted to add more foreground interest into my shots, I tried using an old mooring chain in some to good effect.

Mooring Chain – 18mm – f9 – 1/100th – ISO100

I some cases it just wasn’t possible to add foreground with the reflections and sunset photos, but I did manage a few shots with Lensball to add interest to those.

Lensball Reflections – 18mm – f5.6 – 1/800th sec – ISO100

A large bank of cloud moved in, just as the sun was about to set, and it took all the nice light away. I was hoping to get some shots of the trees behind us with the late evening light on them, but that will have to wait for the next visit. We left shortly after, we had walked another 3-4 miles, and we were hungry as it was now 6.30pm, so we rushed home to cook. An enjoyable weekend, we are loving the fact that autumn has arrived, and I’m looking forward to the photography opportunities it might bring.

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