Quick Coastal Trip

Just a quick update this week, as a busy weekend meant there wasn’t much time to get out and about with the camera.

We did however get to visit our family at the coast on Saturday, meaning we could get out for a walk along the Medway Estuary. We timed the walk so we could get the last knockings of the high tide, and it was a lovely still and pleasant day.

The coast in this part of the estuary is steeped in history, with lots of wrecks of old barges, and a lot broken pottery and glass along the shoreline. The area is very tidal, and at low tide it s a bit of a mud bath, but at all states of the tide it is a wildlife haven.

I took a few shots of the barges, the best of which is below – albeit a small part of a barge rather than whole wreck.

One of the wrecks along the shore – 18mm – f10 – 1/50th sec – ISO100

I chose also to do a few shots with Lensball – I could happily of explored more, but the family were getting restless up on the sea wall so I had to get moving!!

Lensball – 34mm – f5.6 – 1/250th sec – ISO100

I managed to sneak one more shot as I put Lensball away – this time a portrait shot taking in some of the strange rocks that seemed to be made up of molten glass and rock together.

Molten rock/glass – 24mm – f10 – 1/30th – ISO100

The rest of the walk and the weekend went by without the camera, we continued our walk through the woods back to the house, and later walked out to the local farmland to walk off a huge lunch.

Robin near the farm – 300mm – f6.3 – 1/800th sec – ISO400

We fitted in another longer walk on Sunday – around our local route through the woodland. I carried the camera with me the whole walk – but didn’t take it out of the bag, instead we walked and talked as we covered the distance.

Looking forward to getting to some more exciting locations soon.

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