Short South Coast Walk

After our trip up north to the wonderful Northumberland coastline, we were itching to see the sea again, so we decided to get up early on Sunday morning and head to the south coast before the crowds arrived.

We left home about 7.30 am which meant we would arrive about 8.30, and also meant the drive down would be fairly traffic free. We parked as far away as we could from the main access, then continued on foot, further away from everyone. It was a nice bright sunny day, with just a few clouds around, a good day to be by the coast. I managed to get the camera out a couple of times, but to be honest, I was just enjoying the walk and the company.

I did find a nice wooden structure leading out into the waves that I thought would make a good composition.

Leading out to sea – 18mm – f7.1 – 1/800th sec – ISO100

I also managed to use Lensball for a quick shot, sitting him on a wooden feature that was coloured by sea weed and the light of the sun.

Lensball – 18mm – f7.1 – 1/4000th sec – ISO100

Walking along further, I found a hole on the wooden groynes that I thought maight make a good shot.

Through the groynes – 29mm – f7.1 – 1/640th sec – ISO100

A short while later we noticed we had gained a follower – a small Turnstone was following us along the surf, searching for food. I switched out the lens on the camera for the 70-300mm and took a few shots in the morning sun.

Friendly Turnstone – 300mm – f.6.3 – 1/800th sec – ISO100

I put the camera away after taking a few shots of my partner, and we enjoyed the rest of our walk. We did a few miles along the shoreline, before heading back to the car and making the drive home for lunch.

My better half 🙂

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