Late in the day, when stress levels are high,

Drive into the sun, sitting low in the sky.

Park in the layby, turn off the car,

Change into flipflops, not got to walk far.

Up through the dunes, soft sand in your shoes,

Grass brushes your legs, as you amble through.

Sound getting louder, as you crest the dunes,

Waves breaking, birds calling, familiar tunes.

That first glimspe of water, white foam drawing back,

Then next wave pushes forward, on the attack.

Down off the dunes, feet sink in on the slope,

Hard to make progress, shoes just can’t cope!

On the beach, sand is firmer, flip flops not required,

You’ve landed, stress leaving, brain’s suddenly wired.

Look left and right, there’s nothing but sand,

then, spray from the waves, sea blends into the land.

In either direction, no souls, just you and the birds,

Just how you like it, atmosphere, without words.

Senses are active, the smells and the sights,

Feel spray on your face, that soothes and excites.

Walk towards sunset, sky turns orange and gold,

No matter how often, it never gets old.

Arm in arm with your partner, or walking alone,

Days like this are heaven, a seat on the throne.

Head back through the dunes, light fading fast,

Perfect end to the day, sure it won’t be the last.

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