Late in the day, when stress levels are high, Drive into the sun, sitting low in the sky. Park in the layby, turn off the car, Change into flipflops, not got to walk far. Up through the dunes, soft sand in your shoes, Grass brushes your legs, as you amble through. Sound getting louder, as... Continue Reading →

1000 miles in 3 days

Our busy schedule once again found us heading up the A1 to beautiful Northumberland - this time a whistle stop tour which meant I wouldn't have much time for the camera. We drove up early Saturday morning, the 6 hour drive broken by a few stops for breakfast and brunch. We were going to be... Continue Reading →

Short South Coast Walk

After our trip up north to the wonderful Northumberland coastline, we were itching to see the sea again, so we decided to get up early on Sunday morning and head to the south coast before the crowds arrived. We left home about 7.30 am which meant we would arrive about 8.30, and also meant the... Continue Reading →

Quick Coastal Trip

Just a quick update this week, as a busy weekend meant there wasn't much time to get out and about with the camera. We did however get to visit our family at the coast on Saturday, meaning we could get out for a walk along the Medway Estuary. We timed the walk so we could... Continue Reading →

Weekend Walkies

We had finally ventured out to get some petrol, now that the idiotic and selfish panic buying had subsided somewhat, so we were able to get away from the town at the weekend and into the country. We didn't go far, just to our usual walk around the local woods, and then off to the... Continue Reading →

Not So Grim Up North

It was finally here - the little break we had been looking forward to so much. We would be staying in Northumberland, in between the National Park and the coast. The weather forecast was mixed, but favorable for the time of year, and I was looking forward to getting out with the camera, ,enjoying some... Continue Reading →

When the Sun Sets

Taking your place at the end of the day, doing your best to keep darkness at bay. No matter the stress or difficult times, You reset the mood, and heal the mind. The colours you bring, no words can explain, We set out to chase you again and again. Golden hour, when it starts, the... Continue Reading →

Wrong Decision

There was a choice....and I think I made the wrong one. We had very little time, and really only two familiar destinations that made sense - the reservoir, or the forest. The forest was closer, involved no motorway driving, and we hadn't been there for a few weeks - on the other hand, the reservoir... Continue Reading →

Sunset Success

After the events of our last trip to the coast, where I feel I missed an opportunity to take some great photos - I was keen to get some good new photographs under my belt. The forecast was good for some sunset photography, so we set off for the reservoir with the aim of doing... Continue Reading →

Fresh Air Required

After days of hot weather, where temperatures were over 30 degrees inside our home, day and night, we decided to take an impromptu trip to the coast in the evening to try and cool off. The weather was forecast to be clear and bright, with a slight sea breeze, which would still be better than... Continue Reading →

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