Saturday Local Hike

Back to our local hikes, first time in ages as it had been too hot for so long now. We decided on an extended route, parking in our usual spot but venturing around some new roads. We hadn't gone more than a few yards from the car, when we stumbled upon a pair of roe... Continue Reading →

Birling Gap &Seven Sisters

We finally made it!! We had been planning to do a trip to this location for weeks, and various things had got in the way up until this night. We had vaccine side effects, bad stomachs, bad weather, and too many tourists all stopping us over the last few weeks - but finally we were... Continue Reading →

Plans Ruined with Amazing Results

Yet again we were meant to be heading for the coast, but yet again our plans were ruined - this time by the weather. The wind had picked up, and was blowing right off the water at 30-40mph, meaning any sort of photography would have been impossible on the exposed cliffs. We had to think... Continue Reading →

Reservoir Sunset

We had been planning to visit the coast, but we were forced into a late change of plan as my partner wasn't feeling her best. We instead elected to go to Bewl Water as it meant we could get a nice vantage point to watch the sunset without having a huge hike to get there,... Continue Reading →

Home Town Coastal Walk

On Saturday - we headed to my home town, a lovely village where I have lived most of my life. The village is on the edge of a tidal estuary on the south east coast of Kent. We were visiting family, and luckily only had a short walk to get to the coast. I had... Continue Reading →

Friday Sunset Hike

We chose to head to Ashdown Forest again on Friday evening - the weather was looking just right for a perfect sunset. Lots of broken cloud forecast, and the sun had been out in between....if we could get those conditions at sunset it would be amazing. We chose Ashdown Forest - and in particular the... Continue Reading →

Mad Dash for Bewl Sunset

We decided quite late on to head to Bewl water to have a short relaxing walk, and to try and watch the sunset. When we arrived it was quite busy, and a few people had already placed themselves in the best viewing areas. I managed a few quick shots in between people with the tripod.... Continue Reading →

Ashdown Sunset Revisited

After days of hot weather, and not feeling like getting outside much (just short evening strolls without the camera bag) - we decided to head out very late evening to Ashdown Forest to watch the sunset. We arrived at Gills Lap car park again, and proceeded to walk along the hill. It was still very... Continue Reading →

Garden Relaxation

Quick one today - spent the weekend with family and it has been 30 plus degrees all weekend - so no hiking to get photos. I tried to get a few shots in and around the garden with the long lens - which I'll share below. 70-300mm - F7.1 - 1/400 - ISO100 70-300mm -... Continue Reading →


Full of excitement, hope the forecasts is right , Been hot for so long, and we can't sleep at night. Clear skies and sunshine outside the window, It’s so humid, I feel tired, lethargic and slow. Now it's clouding over, but not cooling down, I lean out of the window, and look all around. It’s still... Continue Reading →

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