Through My Eyes

When you look at a glance, you don't always see, The beauty that's there, so this is my plea. Take a moment in time, to stop and observe, Are you seeing the scene for all it is worth? Are you walking along, distracted by life, And taking for granted the views and wildlife. Running through... Continue Reading →

These Covid Times

I wrote this during the Pandemic - in the summer of 2020, but haven't shared it before. Some of it is still relevant, but it reminds me of how myself, and a lot of people were feeling at the time. Strange times we live in, nothings the same, we’re learning to play in a whole... Continue Reading →

Ebb & Flow

It’s funny how as time goes by, you grow and change and young dreams die. Those dreams you dream before you know, the way that life can ebb and flow. The friends you thought would stick around, are now no longer to be found. Places that you thought were home, you now don’t see, the... Continue Reading →

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