Quick Coastal Trip

Just a quick update this week, as a busy weekend meant there wasn't much time to get out and about with the camera. We did however get to visit our family at the coast on Saturday, meaning we could get out for a walk along the Medway Estuary. We timed the walk so we could... Continue Reading →

Not So Grim Up North

It was finally here - the little break we had been looking forward to so much. We would be staying in Northumberland, in between the National Park and the coast. The weather forecast was mixed, but favorable for the time of year, and I was looking forward to getting out with the camera, ,enjoying some... Continue Reading →

Fresh Air Required

After days of hot weather, where temperatures were over 30 degrees inside our home, day and night, we decided to take an impromptu trip to the coast in the evening to try and cool off. The weather was forecast to be clear and bright, with a slight sea breeze, which would still be better than... Continue Reading →

Coastal Contrast

We spent the weekend at two very opposite and contrasting coastlines. The weather couldn't have been more different with strong wind and drizzle on Saturday, followed by blistering heat and calm on Sunday. Saturday was spent in the north of the county, in my old home town. For part of the day we walked along... Continue Reading →

Estuary Sunset Walk

Back to my hometown for the weekend just gone, and I had checked the tides times and seen we were due to have a reasonable tide still present at sunset in the estuary. Near my home town, I am limited to access to the sea wall to photograph, and knew that I may not get... Continue Reading →

Birling Gap &Seven Sisters

We finally made it!! We had been planning to do a trip to this location for weeks, and various things had got in the way up until this night. We had vaccine side effects, bad stomachs, bad weather, and too many tourists all stopping us over the last few weeks - but finally we were... Continue Reading →

Home Town Coastal Walk

On Saturday - we headed to my home town, a lovely village where I have lived most of my life. The village is on the edge of a tidal estuary on the south east coast of Kent. We were visiting family, and luckily only had a short walk to get to the coast. I had... Continue Reading →

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