Mosquito Hike

Just a quick blog today - managed to get in a short hike at the Forest, mainly for exercise, but to also get some photographs if the conditions allowed for something interesting. We hiked down into the woodland from the car park, hoping to see some wild deer, but none were about - I think... Continue Reading →

Quick Forest Hike

We decided last minute to go to the Forest for a hike, I took the camera in case an opportunity arose, but I wasn't expecting much to be honest as the sky was quite bright and clear and the forecast was for it to remain that way. We parked at the top of the hill... Continue Reading →

Friday Sunset Hike

We chose to head to Ashdown Forest again on Friday evening - the weather was looking just right for a perfect sunset. Lots of broken cloud forecast, and the sun had been out in between....if we could get those conditions at sunset it would be amazing. We chose Ashdown Forest - and in particular the... Continue Reading →

Ashdown Sunset Revisited

After days of hot weather, and not feeling like getting outside much (just short evening strolls without the camera bag) - we decided to head out very late evening to Ashdown Forest to watch the sunset. We arrived at Gills Lap car park again, and proceeded to walk along the hill. It was still very... Continue Reading →

Overdue Trip to Ashdown Forest

We had been suffering in the heat, and struggled to get out hiking - especially with the camera bag as it was so hot and humid. But - the forecast was giving us a small break in the weather, and some decent cloud was forecast for the evening, so we planned a late evening trip... Continue Reading →

Late Evening Lensball Shots

Our usual evening walk had been just the same since our return from Herefordshire - it had been so hot, we hadn't felt like going to the forest or to the coast. I decided I needed to get the camera out anyway, and we had a bit of cloud around on this evening, so I... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Sunset Chase

After a trip to Morrisons to grab a few bits of shopping - I noticed in the car park that we were getting a great cloud formation and that the sunset could turn out well. I happened to have the camera bag in the car, so we headed off to Ashdown Forest, as there gave... Continue Reading →

Grey Day Photography Hike

18-55mm - f8 - 1/125th - ISO100 - Blur & Vignette added in edit It had rained all week, so a decent hike had been out of the question. So when the forecast for Saturday was dry, we ensured we were up extra early and of out the door. We drove the short distance to... Continue Reading →

Failed Sunset Chasing

Long hot sunny yesterday, but in the evening a bit of cloud started to creep in, so an evening sunset chasing was in order on our daily walk - it would also give me a chance to try out the new camera bag. I left the tripod at home on this occasion, and opted for... Continue Reading →

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