Weekend Walkies

We had finally ventured out to get some petrol, now that the idiotic and selfish panic buying had subsided somewhat, so we were able to get away from the town at the weekend and into the country. We didn't go far, just to our usual walk around the local woods, and then off to the... Continue Reading →

Sunset Success

After the events of our last trip to the coast, where I feel I missed an opportunity to take some great photos - I was keen to get some good new photographs under my belt. The forecast was good for some sunset photography, so we set off for the reservoir with the aim of doing... Continue Reading →

My Best Photograph Yet

A hike around the reservoir was the order of the day, so I took the camera bag just in case, as seems to be the 'norm' these days. We arrived a bit earlier than usual, wary that the evenings are drawing in a bit, and sunset is now around 8.15pm. We parked the car in... Continue Reading →

First August Sunset

Forecast looked good, sunshine and cloud forecast from 7pm to 10pm, so we headed off to the reservoir to photograph our first sunset of August. We arrived around 7.15pm, as we had a slightly longer hike to get to a new spot. I had identified a new area on Google maps where it looked like... Continue Reading →

Plans Ruined with Amazing Results

Yet again we were meant to be heading for the coast, but yet again our plans were ruined - this time by the weather. The wind had picked up, and was blowing right off the water at 30-40mph, meaning any sort of photography would have been impossible on the exposed cliffs. We had to think... Continue Reading →

Reservoir Sunset

We had been planning to visit the coast, but we were forced into a late change of plan as my partner wasn't feeling her best. We instead elected to go to Bewl Water as it meant we could get a nice vantage point to watch the sunset without having a huge hike to get there,... Continue Reading →

Mad Dash for Bewl Sunset

We decided quite late on to head to Bewl water to have a short relaxing walk, and to try and watch the sunset. When we arrived it was quite busy, and a few people had already placed themselves in the best viewing areas. I managed a few quick shots in between people with the tripod.... Continue Reading →

Bewl Water Stroll

The very next day - having got the bug for getting a bit further afield than our local evening walk - we headed to Bewl Water. Again we left very late to avoid the crowds, and we had a slight break in the weather which made it bearable. We parked the car on a country... Continue Reading →

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