Sunset Success

After the events of our last trip to the coast, where I feel I missed an opportunity to take some great photos - I was keen to get some good new photographs under my belt. The forecast was good for some sunset photography, so we set off for the reservoir with the aim of doing... Continue Reading →

My Best Photograph Yet

A hike around the reservoir was the order of the day, so I took the camera bag just in case, as seems to be the 'norm' these days. We arrived a bit earlier than usual, wary that the evenings are drawing in a bit, and sunset is now around 8.15pm. We parked the car in... Continue Reading →

Plans Ruined with Amazing Results

Yet again we were meant to be heading for the coast, but yet again our plans were ruined - this time by the weather. The wind had picked up, and was blowing right off the water at 30-40mph, meaning any sort of photography would have been impossible on the exposed cliffs. We had to think... Continue Reading →

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